Student Scholarship Information


The Utility Vegetation Management Association (UVMA)’s mission is, through collaboration and partnerships, to proactively lead the utility vegetation management industry by providing opportunities for awareness, professional development, and networking activities, and by supporting training and education of the people working at all levels in the industry.

In keeping with this objective, the UVMA will be awarding up to two scholarships of $1,000.00 each per year to students who meet the qualifications.

To qualify for consideration, the applicants must:

  1. Be a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  2. Be currently working, in the utility vegetation management field
  3. Be enrolled in a utility vegetation management course at a post-secondary Institution.
  4. Be self-funded (not receiving reimbursement for tuition costs through their employer or a third party)
  5. Prepare a 1 to 2-page written essay detailing the applicant’s outstanding interests and areas of specialty in the field of Utility Vegetation Management.
  6. Have never previously been awarded this Scholarship.

*Preference for one award will be given to those enrolled in the UVM Professional Development Program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, with a secondary preference given to those enrolled in a second or subsequent year of that program. (Proof of enrollment will be required prior to receiving an award.)

To apply, please complete the following application and send to the UVMA along with the required documentation. All documentation must be received by us no later than October 31st each year.

The submissions will be reviewed and judged, and winners chosen at the sole discretion of the UVMA. The UVMA reserves the right to publish the winning essays and the names of the winning applicants publicly including on the Association website and newsletter. Once the winners have been chosen submissions made by other applicants will be destroyed. The UVMA reserves the right to refuse any application without bias.

The scholarship winners will be notified within 60 days after the application cut-off date. Requests for an extension to the deadline for submission will NOT be considered.

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