UVM Revamped

Greetings all,

The Wisconsin Forestry Center in cooperation with the Utility Vegetation Management Association and the Utility Arborist Association is proud to announce that we are modifying the Utility Vegetation Management Certificate Program into two new certificates and a credential preparation course. The modifications to the program will be reflected in courses starting in August/September of 2021. 

New Certificates

Foundations of UVM Certificate

Foundations of UVM will be comprised of 5, 3-5 week courses covering:

  1. North American Electrical Systems (5 weeks)
  2. Utility Arboriculture(5 weeks)
  3. Leadership and Organizations(4 weeks)
  4. Program and Project Management(5 weeks)
  5. Integrated Vegetation Management(3 weeks)

The Foundations of UVM Certificate courses will be offered with start dates every 7 weeks from August – May. 

UVM Professional Certificate

The UVM Professional Certificate will be made up of 3, 10 week courses:

  1. UVM Compliance and Stakeholder Management
  2. UVM Scope, Cost, and Procurement Management
  3. UVM Safety, Risk, and Quality Management

These courses will remain on the same offering timetable with start dates in September, January, and March.  

UVM Program Planning

The final course of the program will remain the UVM Program Planning. It will be a 12-week course and will contain all the preparatory work to earn the Certified Utility Vegetation Management Professional Credential through Utility Arborist Association. Our first UVM Program Planning course will start this coming January 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have already completed the original first 2 courses, can I get the Foundations of UVM Certificate?

Yes, students who have completed the first 2 courses before this change we will be awarding you the Foundations of UVM Certificate as you have satisfied the requirements. Certificates will be issued in September.

I have been awarded the UVM Program Scholarship through UAA. Does it still apply in the new format?

Yes, your scholarship still applies to the new format.

When will registration open for the course that start in August/September?

Registration is currently open and is available on our website.

Did the textbook list change?

Somewhat. Required books are required to be purchased in advance of the respective courses. We are recommending that UVM participants purchase all the books on the book list, as they will continue to be referenced in the course readings and are good building blocks to your personal professional library, but they are not required before the start of the courses.

I completed Intro to UVM Course in June, which course do I take now?

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..