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The Forestry Education and Development Initiative is proud to

partner with the Utility Arborist Association/Utility Vegetation Management Association

to provide the Utility Vegetation Management Certificate program.


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Program Description

This comprehensive training program is designed and facilitated by

industry professionals, who will lead you through the knowledge and

skills needed to plan and manage sustainable utility vegetation

management program plans. The certificates six, ten-week courses are

project-based and designed to enhance the understanding and application

of industry's best practices including safety, integrated vegetation management,

environmental stewardship, and sustainability. 

Target Audience

The Utility Vegetation Management certificate program is designed for

individuals working within the utility and arboricultural industries who

wish to develop and enhance their knowledge and skills related to

developing and implementing utility vegetation management (UVM)

programs. This program is a pathway for career development and advancement.

Course Overview

The program is comprised of six courses: 

  1. Introduction to Utility Vegetation Management (UVM);
  2. UVM Program Management Fundamentals;
  3. UVM Compliance and Stakeholder Management;
  4. UVM Scope, Cost, and Procurement Management;
  5. UVM Safety, Risk, and Quality Management; and
  6. UVM Program Planning.
The courses are taken sequentially with the first course providing an
overview of North American electrical systems and utility arboricultural
principles. The second course builds a foundation of fundamental project
and program management processes, along with an introduction to
integrated vegetation management (IVM). The next three courses provide
an in-depth and hands-on approach within the students' work environment
to practice the program and project management processes necessary for
developing successful UVM programs. The final course integrates all the
previous knowledge and skills in a UVM program plan project. 

Course Grading and Certificates

Each course is graded on an A to F scale. Individuals who obtain a "C"

average, 75%, across all courses, will be awarded the Utility Vegetation

Certificate of Completion from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.

Certificate holders will be eligible to apply for the Utility Arborist Association

(UAA) professional credential once it is fully developed.